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"About Everything And More" Available on Deep Elm Records

A leading light from the land of Nordic modernism, cinema and the Nobel Prize, DORENA evokes both captivating delight and sonic wonder through epic soundscapes and blissfully inventive, near-pop anthems. On their sophomore release, About Everything And More, they flawlessly fuse ice-tinged atmospherics, entrancing melodies and sparse vocals with limited quiet / loud mechanics to create music that doesn't ask for your full claims it. The album transports the listener to a euphoric dimension, a realm where you get the feeling that something glorious perseveres in the end. It encapsulates you, rising above being mere sound and becomes something you can almost feel. From its moments of dramatic intensity to its isolated ambience, this is more than just a startlingly beautiful's a force to be reckoned with.

“DORENA is an an acronym for De Omnibus Rebus Et Nonnullis Aliis, a Latin phrase which roughly means: about everything and more. So in a sense, the album is self-titled. We decided on this title because we finally established our method of playing music together, our 'sound' so to speak, while recording this second album” says guitarist Kim Ruiz. “These recordings came together during a period of time when all of us (all five of our band members are all the same age) were standing right at the border between teenage life and adulthood. This album is a representation of that significant moment in our lives and the feelings of insecurity, love, loneliness and hope that come along with it. Although very few of our songs contain lyrics, the messages behind the songs range from to watching life pass you by and being lonesome but never alone to the beauty of youth and dreaming of a better tomorrow. We consider Dorena to be a mostly instrumental band with unique electronica and pop elements” add Ruiz.


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