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Posted on: Feb 4th 2011, 11:10

So What is ETV (FREE) and ETV?

Simply put ETV (FREE) is the FREE version of ETV. So what’s the catch? None really. Buying from the ETV Digital Video Download Store guarantees the best AD-Free, limit free, quality video we can deliver at the very best price without the constraints of free services such as Youtube, Vimeo etc.

What You Get in Return

You will help support future productions of ETV, help us reach more of your local events and get quality paintball programming. Videos you purchase will not be available on ETV (FREE) for at least 2 Weeks from the date of publish on the ETV store, so rest assured you will get your hands on the very latest videos before anyone else!

ETV Digital Video Download Store

ETV (FREE) Video Channel

The Whole Story

Over the last 5 years, Planet Eclipse has proudly produced several award winning series of Paintball documentary-style video episodes and event profiles and streamed them direct to you, via the popular YouTube channel.

We have explored many aspects of the game, from national tournament scenes to Paintball around the World, tips and tricks from the Pro players to full on interviews and documentaries, such as the celebrated Artifact series. Each piece has been released free of charge for all to enjoy and it is our intention to continue this practice. Paintball is our passion and ETV affords us the ability to place the World of Paintball at the fingertips of the viewer.

Planet Eclipse will continue to stream all of its content free of charge via YouTube as well as release its in-store and packaged promotional DVD’s.

So why download? Basically, by buying an episode, you earn the ability to save the piece to your Mac or PC as well as your chosen iTunes compatible device so that you can watch at your leisure without the inconvenience of buffering issues or internet connection problems. Also, new video content will be released for download on the store at least two weeks before it is available to view on YouTube so you will be among the first to see the latest episodes. Content in the digital download store will be posted in its entirety, while some Youtube content maybe broken up and released in parts due to time constraints.

Ledz, Planet Eclipse’s Director had this to say, “YouTube is a great platform but it has its limitations. Of course, it’s a video stream, so viewers are limited by their Wi-Fi accessibility. That means no ETV on the plane ride. Also, we are constantly battling YouTube’s copyright process, even though we properly license all of our music. We’ve had music removed and later restores on several occasions last year, but naturally this provides issues for our viewers.”

“iTunes still doesn’t welcome any Paintball content into its store and their podcast channels have technical and hosting issues. It stopped being a good way to deliver download files “ says ETV Director and Producer Dan Napoli.

Eclipse is looking at the store revenue to help expand the ETV Programming budget. “We spend a sizable amount of our marketing budget on our videos, but we always seem to deplete our resources before we finish all the features we want to make,” says Ledz. “So if this creates a revenue stream for ETV videos, I can promise that we will make more videos and go places we haven’t yet been. So keep your eyes peeled for the ETV film crews around the world.

“This is just one way that Planet Eclipse is moving forward to get our customers what they want, when they want it, and on the device they want to see it on.”… Ledz, Planet Eclipse.

Visit the ETV Store.


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