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Eclipse Service Centres

Map Navigation

Find your local Eclipse Service Center by navigating the Google Map. Use the + and - to zoom in and out of the desired location. Click and drag or use the navigation arrows on the map to find your location. Would you like to see a Large Version

  • Official Planet Eclipse

  • Master Service Centers

  • Authorised Service Centers

Sending in a Marker?

Before sending in your marker for servicing please follow these simple steps to ensure effective & timely service:

Download Covering Letter

  • Download the official Eclipse Covering Letter
  • Complete the "Name " field with your FULL name (first name, last name)
  • Complete the "Address " field with your FULL address making sure to include your zip/post code
  • Complete the "RMA/Reference Number" field with the RMA/Reference that you have been given by your Eclipse Service Center (if you do not have this please contact the Eclipse Service Center that you will be sending the marker/part to in order to obtain it)
  • Complete the "Product(s)/Marker(s)" field with details of each product that you are sending in, including the MODEL (where applicable) and SERIAL NUMBER (where applicable)
  • Complete the "Summary of Issues" field with details of the issues that you are experiencing with each of the above products
  • Confirm that the above products are registered for warranty purposes by ticking the relevant box
  • Complete the Contact fields providing your Cell/Mobile number and Email address
  • Sign and print your name at the bottom of the document
  • Print the completed document & include the completed Covering Letter with the products that are sent in to the Eclipse Service Center.