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E-Portal Lite

E-Portal Lite is a free iOS app that connects to Eclipse CS2 markers via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and provides some of the functionality of the E-Portal 4 desktop application.

E-Portal Lite works with CS2 Primary firmware version 1.50 or above and Secondary firmware version 1.50 or above, both of which are distributed with E-Portal 4.

Minimum Requirements

E-Portal Lite

  • iOS Device
  • iOS 13.0

E-Portal 4

  • PC with one free USB port
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 onwards
  • USB A to Micro-B cable or USB C to Micro-B cable depending upon your PC ports

Getting Started

E-Portal Lite

Search for E-Portal Lite on the Apple App Store.

E-Portal 4

Download/install E-Portal 4, then program the lastest CS2 firmware into your Primary and Secondary boards. Watch the following video for more details:

Using E-Portal Lite

Screen 1

(A) Launch the app to enter the Dashboard. Fire up your marker, enable Bluetooth then select Discover on the app.

(B) Select the marker you wish to connect to from the list of markers in range.

(C) Add a user-friendly alias for the marker. Add the passcode for the marker, located in the HARDWARE menu on the marker and then hit connect.

Screen 2

(D) The 'Connecting' pop-up should appear briefly while a connection is established.

(E) You'll be sent back to the Dashboard with the connected icon visible in the top right corner.

(F) Select Parameters to see all of your marker's editable settings. Select a parameter to modify it.

Screen 3

(G) Once you're happy with your adjustment, hit the 'Send to Marker' button.

(H) Select Info from the Dashboard to view the marker status.

(I) Select Settings from the Dashboard to configure the app.

NOTES: If your marker is linked to a Virtue® SpireIV™, connecting to the app will temporarily suspend the link. Disconnect from the app to re-establish the link. Moving the app to the background or closing the app will automatically disconnect if connected to a marker.